The weekend keeps Dayville busy.

(8-7-15) Starting on Friday evening members were called to a local lumber yard to help 2 parachutists get out of the lumber yard’s fenced in area after they missed their landing zone. Shortly after cleaning from that B-163 towed by S-163 along with the rope rescue members went mutual aid to South Killingly for a high angle rope rescue where a woman fell about 100 feet off of Ross’s Cliff. After operating at the rope rescue for over two hours units returned in service.

(8-8-15) Saturday gave us a moped accident in front of Kohl’s in which CPR was performed, and to our latest knowledge the patients pulse did return. Sunday gave another rope rescue at Ross’s Cliff with South Killingly. This time B-163 towed by S-163, R-463 and the rope rescue members responded and assisted with removing an injured hiker off one of the smaller cliffs.

(8-10-15 )Monday evening S-163 and ET-263 responded to Rogers for another large brush fire in the same location as the last time. The members assisted with digging out the deep burning fire for over 3 hours. The dedicated members also responded to 4 fire alarms in between all these major incidents.