Year in Review: 2015

Thanks to the brave men and women of the Dayville Fire Company for the endless work that was put in this year with the call volume jumping almost 100 calls from 2014.

Here some of the numbers from the year.

Fire calls: 171
EMS calls: 581 (includes MVA’s and other rescues)


9% of the total calls were overlapping. This means that 67 calls happened at the same time as other calls.

The busiest month was July
The busiest Day was Friday
The busiest time of day was 1200hrs to 1300hrs

The average time from dispatched to arrival on scene was 06:50

Number of calls per apparatus

EngineTanker-163: 123
EngineTanker-263: 22
Engine-163: 32
Ladder-163: 29
Heavy Rescue-463: 68
Rescue-163: 412
Service-163: 30
Boat-163: 1

Month in Review: December

With the holidays in sight the members continued the hard work and went to 2-structure fires this month. The first was with ET-263 to the Town of Plainfield for 10,000+ square foot home burning. Them, along with about 15 other fire department shuttled water to the scene. The second was with ET-163 to Danielson for a fire in a 1-story commercial laundry mat, ET-163 arrived second due and went to the roof to ventilate. 2 motor vehicle accidents and numerous other calls ended December with 59 calls.
 commercial laundry fire Dayville

Month in Review: November

The members of the Dayville Fire Company responded to 56 calls this month. They included a reported structure fire that was scaled back by the first due company, mutual aid auto extrication in the Town of Pomfret with R-463, and 4 other motor vehicle accidents.

Month in Review: October

On 10/05/15 ET-163 and crew handle a engine compartment fire on Soap St, Then on 10/12/15 members responded with ET-163, L-163, and ET-263 mutual aid East Killingly for a room and content fire. First East Killingly units had the fire knocked down with minutes of arriving. October turned out to be one of Dayville’s busiest months which also include a shooting, 6 motor vehicle accidents and ended with 72 calls.

Month in Review: September

Career staff started covering the daytime hours this month due to low volunteer numbers. There will be 2 Firefighter/EMT’s in the station Monday thru Friday 0700hrs to 1600hrs.

The members of Dayville remained busy this month as calls poured in. On 09/04/15 ET-263 and L-163 responded mutual aid to Attawaugan for a garage fire (pictured below). ET263 arrival first due and assumed fire attack, both units operated for about 2 hours before returning in service. The next day on 09/05/15 R-463 and crew rescued a cat that was stuck behind a kitchen cabinet in a local condominium complex. And on 09/17/15 ET-163 handle a working car fire on Soap St. There were also 5 motor vehicle accidents this month. September ended with a total of 61 calls.

garage fire

The weekend keeps Dayville busy.

(8-7-15) Starting on Friday evening members were called to a local lumber yard to help 2 parachutists get out of the lumber yard’s fenced in area after they missed their landing zone. Shortly after cleaning from that B-163 towed by S-163 along with the rope rescue members went mutual aid to South Killingly for a high angle rope rescue where a woman fell about 100 feet off of Ross’s Cliff. After operating at the rope rescue for over two hours units returned in service.

(8-8-15) Saturday gave us a moped accident in front of Kohl’s in which CPR was performed, and to our latest knowledge the patients pulse did return. Sunday gave another rope rescue at Ross’s Cliff with South Killingly. This time B-163 towed by S-163, R-463 and the rope rescue members responded and assisted with removing an injured hiker off one of the smaller cliffs.

(8-10-15 )Monday evening S-163 and ET-263 responded to Rogers for another large brush fire in the same location as the last time. The members assisted with digging out the deep burning fire for over 3 hours. The dedicated members also responded to 4 fire alarms in between all these major incidents.

Dayville stayed busy in the heat

07142015The members and officers of the Dayville had a busy day today. Most of the members started this hot and humid day off very early as they responded to a trash compactor fire at Frito Lay at 4:00am. As the temperature climbed during the day they responded to two medical calls, gave a tour of our new training center to the Enfield Fire Department, and then got sent to a possible structure fire in the town of Pomfret with L-163. Units found no fire in Pomfret and returned in service after just a few minutes on scene. Then at about 5:30pm ET 263 and S 163 were sent to Rogers for a large bush fire where they operated with many other companies for 2 hours. After a lot of clean up, all the members returned home safe and sound.

Another steady day for Dayville

Around 2:00am this morning ET-163, ET-263, and L-163 responded mutual aid to East Killingly for a working basement fire. Crew operated on scene for almost 2 hours before returning. Then from later in the morning into the early evening the members responded to three medical calls and a fire alarm.

ET-163 handles the calls for today

Late into the morning ET-163 handled an officer call for a problem with a smoke detector. With no calls through out the day, came a busy night. Dayville was call out for smoke in the building around 7:00pm, the crew from ET-163 found burning food on the stove in a second floor apartment. While units were on scene removing smoke from the building, they got a call for a medical. Once ET-163 cleared from the smoke in the building call, they handle a second medical call. All in all Dayville was dispatched for three calls for service in about 45 minutes.